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Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2018-2123
Campaigning Summit Switzerland

Uniquely interdisciplinary

The Campaigning Summit is the international platform for campaigning in Switzerland. It is the only event in Switzerland where companies, organisations, NGOs, public affairs specialists, political communicators, election campaigners, advertisers, PR specialists, social media experts and change managers meet and get a chance to exchange ideas, inspire and learn from each other. 


Switzerland will remain an attractive andsustainable business location, embedded in anintact environment fostered by innovation andtargeted employment of resources. Campaigningwill have established itself as a way of thinkingand contribute to these conditions.


The promotion of integral and interdisciplinarymethods in marketing, communications,politics and corporate management. Withthe Campaigning Summit Switzerland we offera unique stage for original thinkers from thesedifferent domains, where they can connect, exchangeideas, inspire and learn from each other.

The Story


Peter Metzinger was active in campaigning for an international NGO back in 1998, and thus became a pioneer in campaigning. He always regretted the lack of dialogue on the subject of campaigning, which was primarily due to the low awareness of the term. His vision was therefore to organise a platform for the exchange of experience of all those who move people and achieve challenging goals in their work. The idea of ​​the Campaigning Summit Switzerland was born in the early 2000s.



However, due to lack of time and the large number of mandates at business campaigning Ltd., it took another 10 years for the dream to be realised. In 2013, the first Campaigning Summit (then called Campaigning Summit Zurich) took place at the Technopark in Zurich.



After two successful editions with international speakers such as Joe Trippi (US campaigner and political advisor), Gregor Poynton (former Blue State Digital, digital strategist for Barack Obama) and Peter Metzinger (campaigner since 1982, co-developer of the Open Forum at the WEF) it was time for a change: The Campaigning Summit Zurich becomes the Campaigning Summit Switzerland (for the speeches of the CSCH15 it click here). 


Relocation - the new Campaigning Summit Switzerland took place in the Papiersaal / folium of the old Sihl paper mill. The factory-like, modern construction and the open style of the Papiersaal are in line with our philosophy and the way we see the Campaigning Summit Switzerland. To stimulate a thinking process, it requires open spaces, discrete retreats and space for the BarCamps. In addition, the Campaigning Summit Switzerland was sold out for the first time! Impressions of the CSCH16 are available here.



The fifth anniversary of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland was all about networking, inspiration and learning from each other. Proven items, such as the interactive BarCamps have been retained and new things have been added, such as the business campaigning day on the eve of the Summit. The participants were inspired by speakers such as Michael Brandtner (associate at Ries & Ries, brand positioning expert), Jonathan Ellis (National Vice Chair, City of Sanctuary) and Yuri van Geest (futurist, CIO & co-founder of ExOxo). The impressions of the CSCH17 are here.


The 6th edition of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland on March 16, 2018 was all about “Campaigning for Leadership”. With Nadja Schnetzler, Lucy Quist, Honey Thaljieh, Nicole M. Pfeffer, Sam-Elise Etienne we had exclusively female speakers with their inspiring stories on stage.


The Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2019, on 5th April 2019 has had the motto Campaigning in the age of algorithms.

The organiser of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland is business campaigning GmbH, the number 1 for campaigning in Switzerland

business campaigning GmbH

Peter Metzinger
Überlandstrasse 18
8953 Dietikon

Telephone +41 44 440 44 10


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